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Zoning Regulations

The Zoning Regulations are what one generally thinks of when asking questions such as how big of a house can I fit on my lot?  Why does a business have this many parking spaces?  How big can a sign be? 

In short, the Zoning Regulations are the laws to grant access the use of one's land without infringing or causing damage to another person or other property.  This is often accomplished through a process called Euclidean zoning, meaning to separate land uses.  Benson has a strong history of following Euclidean zoning practices and is why there are residential neighborhoods with no stores and commercial strips with no houses.  The determination of what function (residential single family homes vs. residential apartment vs. small offices vs. big box commercial)  is allowed where is an ever-changing public process in hopes of maximizing use while minimizing consequence. 

The Zoning Regulations also address issues such as the design of apartment complexes, RV or manufactured home parks and subdivisions, signage, parking availability, outdoor lighting, the location and number of animals, the trespass of sounds, smells or vibration outside one's own property and how to appeal any decision related to zoning.