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Benson Municipal Airport Development

City of Benson Municipal Airport has real property for aviation hangars available for lease.

For more information contact:

Brad Hamilton
Airport Manager
City of Benson
(520) 720-6325


Starting January 1, 2016 Tie Down/ Launch Fees:

Tie-Down Sites                               Daily Fee                                Monthly Fee

Small (Single Engine)                       $5.00                                      $45.00

Large(Twin Engine)                          $6.00                                       $65.00

Oversized(Special)                           $20.00                                     $200.00

Jet                                                     $10.00                                     $90.00

Helicopter                                         $10.00                                      $100.00


Launch Fees                                      Fee

Balloon Fee                                      $500.00

UAV Fee                                          $500.00 for one day; $300.00 for 2-5 consecutive days; $200.00 for 6 or more consecutive days


Late payments and terms of lease will be contained within the Benson Municipal Airport Tie-down/Launch application.